About Traveling Echoes:

Our story. It’s a journey we travel together. We navigate our trails through echoes. The “echoes” is the voice of God guiding us. Sometimes it is obvious, other times quiet. Sometimes it is through friends and family, or it is a thought we have at the same time to adjust our course. Peace occurs when we follow this echo. It’s not always our first choice or comfortable, but it is always worth the experience.

Who is this blog for? Our family and friends, both near and far. For us to look back and see where we came from and where we are going.
What is it about? Our life adventures. Our saga. The chapters in life that start and end with God, and the mess in between.
Why are we writing? We do not always get the chance to walk side by side with our loved ones. This is a medium to communicate across distance through photos and words what is going on in life and allow a peak into our world.