echoing. our online presence

Dear Beloved Traveling Echoes Blog Readers,

Today, we have some news to share with you. 

Ask different people how they feel about their “online footprint” or social media platforms…and undoubtedly strong convictions with a variety of responses will be heard.

Add what parents should or should not share about their children online…it creates a whole new discussion. Do you use kid’s real names? Show their faces? Share personal details of young kids that can be accessed later in life by anyone?

There could be an entire post about my inner musings and convictions about social media and information sources. Everything from why I quit Facebook almost two years ago and why it was one of the wisest decisions of my adult life. Why I’ve edited down to a select few who have access to our private Instagram account. My choice of podcasts and where I get my news.

Matt and I have come to both separate (and subsequently) unified conclusions of late. We started talking about this two years ago when Ethan started preschool, and now as his fifth birthday is on the horizon and Evy is starting preschool, the time has come.

We’re writing today to tell you this blog is significantly changing.

The driving force for this change is that the kids are older now, and Matt and I have chosen to respect their own developing online presence … and carefully close certain areas.

Posts on this public blog will be rare. If at all. 

Instagram will be our primary photo “sharing” site. It has the ability to be a private area where only close (and known) friends/family are able to enjoy moments we chose to share about our lives. This will include both photos and videos.

Vimeo will be our primary video “sharing” site. I’m going to keep making GoPro videos of all our adventures! I’ll post them on our Vimeo account. We are moving all our future videos to be private and password-protected. If you’d like future access, let us know and we’ll share the password to those who are interested!

Details about Ethan and Evy will start to become more and more vague….keeping the focus on our generalized family and less about the specifics of our kids. It means you’ll see primarily “highlights” of us. It will showcase a limited-reality, as the struggles and deep moments will be saved for our private documents and with close friends in “real” life.

I will still write regular “dear sons” and “dear daughters” and gush and lament over our parenting, marriage, faith, and adventures. But it will not be publicly posted on this blog. I am creating other documents and turning it into hard-copy creative media. In fact we are using this change of time/energy away from the blog to different forms of writing that we are so excited about.

This has not been an easy decision-making process, however it is one that feels completely and utterly right. We hope we get to share the everyday moments with you in person. Our community is everything to us, and we are so grateful to have you in our lives.

It has truly been an honor to share this space with you for the last six years. It has been an outlet of creative joy in our lives and you have responded with such encouragement over many years. Thank you for the time you’ve walked through life with us through this blog. We will miss it, but we also breathe deep at the new stage we are walking into. We love you all!

Sincerely, Matt and Alicia

(the kids send their love too!! This is them on the playing on deck together this week. Unprompted. Unposed. Candid. Adoring each other. For thirty minutes. I just happen to freeze it in time and space with my camera. xoxo)