adventure. mn river greenway

Finding new bike trails creates an obnoxious amount of excitement in my soul.

We were driving on 35W this weekend and I saw a paved bike path for a second next to the MN River and I quick asked Matt “What road is this?! There’s a bike trail down there!! We need to go try that!!”

Well. Tried it I did on my mamaday. MN Valley National Wildlife Refuge : MN River Greenway Trail. A new trail alone with the kids on an unknown trail always gives me a little pause. What would I do by myself if I or the kids had a mishap of injury, what if we get lost or the path is too difficult suddenly, etc. However when there’s a map at the start of it and my phone stashed in my water backpack….I usually feel pretty confident.

I saw on the map there was a park 2.2 miles away from the parking lot so I asked Ethan if his legs can go 4.5  miles and his response, “MOM. I can go 7 miles before. Do you remember that?” Yes buddy. I do. Let’s go!

It turned out to be a beautiful 2 hours with the kids at a new place. I did only 3 minutes of very short clips for memory (and to show Matt of course) and the rest was enjoyed technology-free. I’ve really enjoyed my competence with the GoPro that has developed with constant use and trials. I can visualize the type of perspective or clip type to keep it only a few seconds long which decreases editing time and increases “present moments” in real time! (no long minutes stuck behind a camera). I can put it away and enjoy all the giggles and laughs (and whining) in it’s full uninterrupted glory!

Here the video for you to enjoy!