adventure : kayak rice creek

We’ve been waiting to find a time that Ethan can safely attempt a “creek” adventure on his own kayak…and we found it! While biking around Rice Lake, we noticed the creek in this area was calm. No real current. A nice width creek with lots of surrounding trees, and bridges, and even a fountain!

We packed up the kayaks and returned to that spot the next day. It was perfect weather and a beautiful way to spend an hour. The mid-summer timing meant the water was green with algae but it was still beautiful. Without a current we were able simply paddle back ‘up stream’ to return to our car at the end.

Ethan managed to do all except the very end….and the simple solution was to connect his kayak to ours with a carabiner.

Evy sat in our laps and did her usual : touching the water, eating snacks, whining, singing, trading parents, singing, trading parents again…she did great!

The GoPro video adventure! :