gopro everyday. swim at “our” beach

We have a beach!

Okay. We clearly share it with the rest of Dakota County, but still. We call it ours. Because it’s just a few minutes from our home. And it’s clean. And it’s free. And it’s quiet and beautiful. And did I mention it’s super close to our home?!

Watching our kids swim at the local lake at sunset after dinner on a weeknight. Minnesotan kids growing up in the summer at our very best.

I frequent this beach on my mamadays at 9am or 330 pm and the kids do amazing. This is the first year that both of our kids are old enough to be “trusted” enough at a beach that I can go solo without any worries. Oh I need to be aware at all times of course. But neither one will eat sand, splash strangers, or run away from me.

These moments are especially fabulous when we have the entire beach entirely to ourselves. In fact I can even sit and read a book while they play. Because they’re the only little voices I can hear other than the sound of birds.

There are no words how much E and e love the beach. They ask for it. They scream when we say we’re going after dinner, or having a picnic breakfast (oh you bet!) at the beach!

May I also tell you something? You are about to see the video from our swim day on my mamaday last week. I honestly can say they played together for one hour without any assistance from me. They made up their own games. They did their own thing. And they did it all together. Their “sibling playmate status” seems to become golden on these beach-mamadays. Take a look…..