dear daughter. two and a half

Dearest Evy

Happy Two and A Half BIRTHDAY!

We’ve been gushing over you over the last few weeks about all your quirks and “big-girl” developmental changes. So here are the highlights of life with you at this age.

You are the usual toddler with whining and crying tantrums over the littlest things…but you’re also the early preschooler who traces her name, counts, sings, and playing “big kid games!” (you can legit play Guess Who with us as a family. And musical chairs).

“You count, I hide, K????” is the phrase you say to us the most. You play hide-and-seek everywhere. Even buckled into your carseat. You cover your eyes with a book or water-bottle or hat and ask for us to find you while we drive somewhere.

You wake up between 5-6am everyday…occasionally you’ll sleep in until 630am which is a treat! You may or may not nap and it doesn’t seem to affect you very much either way. We can do rest time at 11am or 330pm or none at all. It makes it very flexible, but you will nap up to an hour if we get it right. You REFUSE to sleep in the car or at anyone else’s house other than your own bed. You go to bed around 7-730pm. You still often wake up 1-4x a night asking for water, or to go potty, or to tuck us in. You’re so insistent that “tough love” doesn’t work on you (you’ll just scream and cry), but every so often just time makes it better.

You’re a picky eater, but your preferences change weekly. Honestly we stopped attempting any adjustments of food for you about a year ago because one week you’ll eat feta and next you won’t. One week you’ll eat cucumbers and the next you won’t. Overall you eat a ton of good food all the time. Yogurt and raisins continue to be a favorite. You refuse to eat chocolate or most sweet baked goods. (ironic).

Your play consists primarily of imaginative play, art/coloring/tracing, singing, books, and anything active. Playing outside and being active is your absolute favorites — you love high swings and fast slides, kayaking, frisbee, chasing, hiking and climbing…all of it. You have a great strength and endurance to you for your age that’s been so fun!

You’ve moved up full time at Robins to the “Preschool Room” downstairs so you’re with the 3-4 year olds and you love love love it. Seeing you do the “big kid” activities is so fun. Drop off’s are occasionally still hard, but we’re told within 1 minute you’re off and playing with your friends.

You’re interaction with Ethan at this age is pretty consistent. You insist doing whatever he’s doing and doing it the same way he does. Recently you’ve become the instigator of most fights between the two of you — you’ll walk by and hit him, or get into his space even when he respectfully asks you to stop….you guys average 5-20 fights in an hour. And yet at the same time you guys adore playing together, going on slides together, reading books, cuddling (only “ethan” can comfort you after we discipline you), giggles over everything together. You have a strong bond together and still have a lot to learn from each other!

You have blue eyes, blond hair that goes past your shoulders into little curls, and your smile is the best. We love everything about you inside and out little girl!

Love, mom and dad