cabin style. whitetail woods adventure

The rental cabins at our regional park are brand new and gorgeous. They’re booked out for almost 12 months, but a random Monday night opening was the perfect opportunity to check them out! The relatively bare-bones cabin does include electricity, a table/chairs, and basic bunk-beds. There was a shower-house up the trail we used…but everything else was the typical “rustic cabin” amenities.

Look how COOL they look!


It’s a single-room 220 sqft structure which was cozy but perfect….but the surrounding woods was the highlight.

Case in point :

The hiking trails by the cabin were fabulous.

Oh. I should mention it was 90% humidity and 90 degrees. So the bugs were baaaad. I made everyone turn around for another round of spray so we weren’t eaten alive.

The trees were SO TALL. They made that odd “creaking” sound swaying in the non-existent-breeze. The kids picked up sticks and pine cones and tried to “swat” all the bugs away from them all the while oohing and awing over nature.

The kids loved staying up late….having a 9:45pm snack (2 hours PAST their usual bedtime!). We went outside to try to catch all the lightening bugs. That’s the life.

We literally brought PJs and markers/paper and two books. We enjoyed sitting and coloring with the kids in a new space that was so secluded, and yet so close to our normal life. We “lived local” in Minnesota — staying at a local little cabin in the woods in the summertime. 

The biggest issue? The cabin of course had no air, and the low of the overnight was only in the 70s with storms and humidity simply rising at the night went on. Sleeping in the mid-80-degree temps with minimal breeze/fan was rough. The kids fell asleep at 1145pm….Evy fell out of the bunk….Ethan sweated through his clothes….I think we woke up twice an hour for the 5 hours of sleep we all got. We left at 5am to make it home in time to shower and head to work. Both Ethan and Evy said sad goodbyes to the cabin because they loved it!

Would we do it again? Absolutely not in the summer. But absolutely in the fall/winter/spring (Can you imagine those trees covered in snow!?).

Our excitement for upcoming family adventures is finding little (affordable and local) cabins like this around the nation and the world and enjoy being together with kids, family, and friends! If you ever enjoy one somewhere at sometime…send me a text and tell me where so we can check it out too!

*and video below if you want to see these moments”live”