gopro. a staycation adventure

Be a “tourist in your hometown”

It means pick an area near to your home and “act like a tourist”….

…or in the way we travel….“live like the locals do”. 

Rosemount is the suburb right next to ours. And while it’s filled with big neighborhoods….it has an “old town downtown” area that feels small-townish. I’ve noticed over the years all the fun hidden gems it holds and this spring I made a “Rosemount Adventure Day” drawing for us to do.

We finally did it! I mapped out a “circle” of the eight things I knew about (and several we hadn’t actually visited before I wanted to check out). The only requirement of the day was we had to bike to every one of the activities. It meant filling the back of the burly with swim stuff and towel and books and snacks and Frisbees. We spent about 15 minutes at each activity and then biked to the next place!  =

  • Frisbee Golf
  • Bike Trail
  • Splashpad
  • Library
  • Ice Cream
  • Scooter Park
  • Hiking Trail
  • Hidden Playground

Our conclusion??

We all loved it! We invited our friend David to do it all with us and that made it extra fabulous. Conversations and time spent with David is always life-giving to us. Plus our kids love him dearly.

The GoPro was attached to my helmet most of the time, and I’m super pleased with some of the fun angles and perspectives … if you want some entertainment sit back and and enjoy! It’s a longer video, almost 10 minutes….but I’ll just say it’s worth it to watch until the giggles at the very end. 

I really love this video because it highlights the foundations of the family culture we try to create= the love of adventure and experiences (yes) ; and the love of slow everyday moments of our family hanging out together (yes).

This video shows the little details of our family and yet the 5 hours of the afternoon condensed down to 10 minutes does not show some of the most precious details. You don’t hear the whining and squabbles that occur here and there, or feel the cuddles and kisses between everything, or hear our conversations about deep life moments as we just sit and watch our kids, or experience Evy’s hilarious obsession of peeing in the woods whenever we are outside.

So while this is only a glimpse of life on a single afternoon, I think it shows beautiful and real moments of our family.