gopro. hike : evy rocks it and kayak : ethan naps

I’m not sure when it happened, but Evy has had a recent growth spurt in her abilities. When we went hiking and told them we were going to “climb on rocks”….I assumed Evy would do a little bit.

She completely and utterly blew us away. 

Not only did she insist on carrying the water backpack, but she wanted limited (to zippo) help from us.

Our little rock climber!! Watch her go…..

On this same day trip, we did another adventure list item : kayak the St.Croix River! It was an eight-mile trip and took us 3 hours to complete….mostly because the current was soooooo slloooowwww. Probably one-mph. Truly. In fact, I think we were stationary at times (a big difference from our cannon river trip early spring!).

The best part about this river were the sand bars. We could stop and let the kids swim.

The bulk of the river was super slow. And filled with hundreds (literally) of rental canoes. And of course we had to avoid the ferryboats. It felt a little more “touristy” and not quite as “natural”. There was a beautiful area of rocks….and a little outlet from the river we could explore. Those were our favorites. I think we’d do this location next year and start a bit farther north, and maybe a bit earlier in the season to get a better flow rate. It was still a beautiful day!

The other and sweet moment? Ethan fell asleep in my lap for the last 45 minutes.

Take a peak….