freetext. brain dump

It’s summer. It’s a time when we think of nothing — and everything all at once.

Here is the peak inside our brains….

  • Ethan starts Kindergarten in 8 weeks. Hello School Calendar.
  • Speaking of, school release days and breaks. Figure that out.
  • Oh my word. Mamadays with just Evy start in the fall for the next 3 years! Oh the possibilities.
  • Evy moved to preschool this week! She’s young but they say she’s ahead and more than ready.
  • Evy’s nice puncture-laceration on her forehead….reminder to get that anti-scar cream if I think of it.
  • I Skyped with one of my favorite authors about writing a month ago. Interesting ideas floating around here….
  • It’s been more than a year and I haven’t rearranged the house (as promised). And now it’s time because the kids are older and we’re ready for something new and inspiring. Hmmm. What should I move first?
  • Do a happy dance in my new hiking shoes. It’s like heaven for my feet.
  • Ethan and Evy have been sharing a toothbrush for a month because we lost Ethan’s. Don’t judge. Note to self : go to target to get another one.
  • Sneak popcorn into seeing Spiderman this week. ($5 date night!!!)
  • The back right hubcap has been missing on our car for literally months. Replace that. (is this our third time replacing it!? Evidently it’s a known problem)
  • Renew “How to Train your Dragon” soundtrack for Ethan at the library. It’s on repeat forever in his room.
  • We have 6 weekends free now through August. Return to”wish list” for biking/hiking/kayaking for new places to check out!
  • Sell the last of the baby stuff on craiglist (goodbye jumperoo)
  • Detail out our trip dream list (more on that tomorrow)