companions. the 12

All 12 of the Grenz-Chung-Klein-Marino clan were all together this week! First time ever!!

Obviously this was a super special rare occasion as the Chung’s drove up from Kansas and Marino’s flew up from Colorado (with their 3 month old twins) and we all managed to get in one place!!

When there is as many cute kids in one place as we had…clearly a healthy amount of our time was watching them interact. It was incredibly amusing. And our “older kids” did exceptionally well with the babes. Evy did not want to leave their side for anything. Truly she responded to their needs for spit up cloth or paci or helping with diaper changes or with burping the babes……

The newest additions to the family are incredibly fabulous. These babes are so gorgeous – both right now with blue eyes and dark hair, with their own personalities and quirks. And the fact that my sister is exclusively breastfeeding twins literally blows my mind. They are seriously superhero parents. No other way to describe it!

okay. just one more. because. i’m an auntie and I can show off these girls. 

The rest of us? Well we chatted about work, and travels, and hobbies, and housework, and all the little mundane things that make up the story of us. My sisters and their spouses ADORE being auntie and uncles and they embraced our insanely riley-hyper-kids (so many people they love in one spot!!) with grace and patience and excitement. You guys are best. *honest to goodness*!

And of course my parents….Nana and Papa to the bunch….are our rocks, our inspiration, our comfort, our spoil-us-rotten-people. 

We will miss seeing everyone until this Christmas…..but until then we will be keeping up with each other via texts and Facetime and calls. It was great to all be together!