gopro. bike : scharrs bluff (the wildflower gem)

This week I saw millions of wildflowers.

It was insane.

And not just one little area of some field. Three miles of wildflowers. Yellow and white and more white and more yellow. It was breathtaking. Behind the fields of wildflowers were towering forests. The river was hiding behind it all. And we just watched it all pass us by as we rode our bikes.

Have you been to Schaar’s Bluff Trailhead in Hastings?

I think we hit the peak that all the wildflowers were in full bloom because it was unlike anything we’ve seen before. A little glimpse of Minnesota heaven I think. We also kept saying how beautiful this would be in the autumn as well. A future visit will be in our future for sure!

Check this out!!

Oh. And just to be fully forthcoming. Let me share with you one more part of the story.

The story didn’t quite end like that. Because Evy tripped on the loose rocks on the ground — and I heard Matt yell my name holding an Evy with blood dripping down her face. Thankfully the forehead puncture-laceration was bleeding more impressively than we first thought the injury was. So we stopped the bleeding (our first use of our first-aid kit!! You have to admit, it’s pretty impressive we’ve made it this far without problems! (insert knocking-on-wood here)) and biked back to the car. We drove to the Hastings Urgent Care where we spent way to much time for them to clean it out and glue it together. She was a trooper.

After all of this, we headed back to our house where my parents/siblings were coming over for the afternoon (including family photos of course). She was definitely not quite herself the rest of the day but she did really well. And holding her twin baby cousins certainly helped cheer her up…….more on that tomorrow!