gopro. the leisurely adventure of kayaking lakes

Over the past couple weeks we’ve enjoyed some low-key kayaking of lakes. We’re definitely finding our favorite spots….the ones with little niches to explore that’s only possible in a kayak, low hanging trees or submerged islands to adventure next to, and of course non-motorized lakes for an easy smooth ride.

First up? Fish Lake in Maple Grove. The marshy areas were super fun. I happened to have a head cold that day so the larger lake meant more wavy which triggered some dizziness with my ears and nose being so stuffed up from my cold — (real life with kids) — so we did what we could and then called it a day.

and for your viewing pleasure…..

Next up — definitely in our top favorites, our local spot : Holland Lake. There is a little island not too far into the moderate-sized-non-motorized lake. It’s perfect for exploring. Also. Lots and lots of and lots of fish to find!

and for your viewing pleasure…..(ps. watch for (oh and also — the last video clip : the one of evy singing : literally she sat in my lap singing songs for 20 minutes. I kid you not. Rounds and rounds of songs on her own without my encouragement. Love it!)