everyday. the new children’s museum (our review)

The Twin Cities Children’s Museum just opened up from a MASSIVE overall. Every room is different, everything re-arranged and expanded!

We have a membership that expires in a month so I thought I’d use it one last time to check out the new place (and see if we’d want to renew the membership!). Here’s my (and kids) review from our day yesterday :

Ethan and Evy’s favorite = the physical activity exhibits. The new slides, the “skate park”, the “laser room”. Even better they did they slides solo and both of them watched out for each other, stuck close together (I didn’t have socks and couldn’t go with them!) and helped each other out. It was really fun to see them care for each other like that.

Equal favorite for E and E = “coloring on their face station”. With the well known love of art of our kids, this was no surprise. We did it twice.

The rest? Well. It’s gorgeous. The amount of creative play and space they have is epic. However, the E’s passed by those rooms. I tried to engage them in the play– playing with the water and “car wash” area, the “mini town” with kitchens and post office…but after a few minutes they were done with it. Honestly? I think we do SO MUCH creative play (and bringing them into our “real life” tasks) with them every mamaday and on evenings and weekends that the “amazingness” of it was lost of them. They’re always in our kitchens helping with our food, getting our mail everyday, making things out of paper and scissors and toilet rolls and paint…they participate in creative imaginative play daily. Our playroom is filled with similar activities (we’ve avoided battery toys as much as possible) and that resulted in this indoor location less intriguing to them.

So my conclusion? It’s amazing. It’s worth a visit, especially ages 2-5 that it’s geared towards…our kids are the target age for the museum. (although heads up the price increased, and you still need to pay to park everytime). But the E’s were in and out of it in 90 minutes. We got there at 9am which was great, but by 10am (on a weekday) it was swarmed with people, loud, and crowded. We’ll maybe go once a year as a fun activity but we won’t renew our membership. The E’s are content (and thrive!) with the “nature adventures” we do with our bikes and kayaks, park plays, creative play at home, playdates…being together as a family reading and coloring and listening to soundtracks. That’s our family culture right now.

They loved walking in the cloudy-rainy day downtown when we were all done. Watching all the city buses, all the people….a great end to our morning!