gopro. spartans (matt and ethan)

Matt and Ethan are both 2017 Spartan Race Finishers! 

Let’s back up. I know you want to see that video of Ethan’s race…but let me start with Matt’s race.

The Spartan Sprint Race is a 3-5 mile race with 20+ obstacles meant to push you to the max.

Examples are carrying a 80lb bucket of rocks up a ski hill. Or climb up a 20 foot rope. Or pull 100lbs in a sled. Climb over a 8ft wall without assist. Or crawl under barbed wire. Get muddy and do 30 monkey bars. The cost of failing to successfully complete an obstacle? 30 burpees. (per failed obstacle).

Since spectators only get a few obstacles to view, let me show you a collage of images from the Spartan Website to give you an idea of the intensity. And again. There are over 20 of these type of activities — all while racing up/down a ski hill.

Matt did his first Spartan last year with a friend and ROCKED it at the competitive level. (as in his time was 29th out of 1300 racers; he came in 6th at his age bracket).

This year he went with a group of coworkers and did it as a team-building event (versus competition) and he said he LOVED it. He successfully completed 22/24 obstacles (even the rope climb!). We are SO PROUD Of him! He’s excited to try to re-enter next year for competition at the “elite” level!

Now yes, there is a Spartans Kids race. Ages 4-8 can do a 1/2 mile, 10 obstacle course. This was Ethan’s first year he was old enough to do it and we knew he’d enjoy it.

We just didn’t realize how much he’d totally rock it. I mean — we’ve known his physical abilities for a few years.

But here’s the thing. He RAN THE ENTIRE THING.


So this meant for us to watch him do the actual race — we had to race “next to him” (outside the lines) in order to see him. The kid did.not.stop.sprinting so we literally ran up a ski hill with him. OH MY GOSH. He did all of it really well (well the spear throw not so much — but that’s not a skill I necessarily need him to learn). But he jumped over the walls, got through the mud, climbed stuff, ran and ran and ran. It was awesome to watch!

The video is super fun. So sit back, turn it up, and enjoy!! And yes — both Matt and Ethan are ready to do it again next year!