reader. ethan’s favorite books (age 4, almost 5)

The past 6 months of 4.5 year old Ethan has included a change in his books. As you would imagine, we are HUGE readers with our kids. Both of our kids get 5-15 books every night, along with another 1-2 hours of reading throughout the day as well.

The Changes?

Books we tried a year ago and he didn’t get them or have interest, he now requests them constantly. Goes to show we just keep trying. Same is true with younger books he’s now “over” (Llama Llama and Pete the Cat are classic examples of ones we read non-stop for a year and now he’s moved on. Evy now loves those!)

Books with deeper stories, longer stories, more complex storytelling are now enjoyed. PRAISE DA LORDE.

He enjoys chapter books. This will be opening up a WHOLE new world.

He equally enjoys fiction and nonfiction kid books.

He of course enjoys audio books (either the MP3 check out ones at the library, or CDs), but ‘real’ books are his favorite.

Here of his top (parent approved!!) favorites (and maybe a few secret gem’s to check out!). We recommend to check them out at your library!!

LadyBug Girl and Bumblebee Boy by David Soman and Jacky Davis. TOP favorite. “Lady Bug Girl” series is a best seller for good reason – a girl who dresses up as her superhero alias “LadyBug Girl” and does good deeds in everyday life, learns character-building lessons…so so good. There is an off-shoot book of just Bumblee Boy (the boy learning to include his superhero pretend play with his little sibling). It’s so good. We love reading these to him. There’s also a “boardbook series” of these we read to Evy which she really loves!


Little House on the Prairie – “My first little house books” series is a top favorite of Ethan’s. We’ve checked out and read all 15 (or more?!) of these books! The artwork is beautiful – the language so imaginative – and the story and life so simple. He LOVES these, as do we.


Every book by Mo Willems— Piggie and Elephant Series, Pigeon Books . The Piggie and Elephant series is fantastic for anyone ages 2.5 and up. But just so you know, the ONLY way to properly read these is with the elephant speaking a very looooowwww voice and the piggie speaking very hiiiiiggghhh. They’re super funny. And oddly endearing in their take-away lessons. We adults literally enjoy these books. You know they’re good when that happens.


The “Press Here” series by Herve Tullet – These are interactive imaginative storybooks that are super super super cool. Ethan just eats them up.


The “Crayon Books” by Drew Daywalt. We tried these several times and he didn’t have interest (due to the flow of story telling). And then suddenly, one month — he just GOT IT. And now he’ll read them over and over and over.


The Gossie series by Olivier Dunrea are so cutsie. And both Ethan and Evy like them. It’s super simple – really teaching kids the storytelling flow of a book. But they’re just so cute. Plus both our kids like ducks. So it’s a win. It’s too simple to read them to Ethan anymore — but now Ethan can READ THEM HIMSELF! They have “early reader” versions of them which makes it so exciting.


Anything by author Don Freeman. You probably know this author best from his popular “Corduroy books”. But did you know he actually has a published a long list of books? All beautiful drawings, fun stories — the one about the chipmunk going around Washington DC to find an acorn is especially awesome.


National Geographic “First big books….” There is a book in every topic that kids would find interesting! It’s probably geared towards around 1st/2nd grade … but even preschoolers can appreciate the photos and interesting facts! We read “a chapter” a night and it was really fun to watch Ethan learn in this way.

The other staples? Any and all “Look and Find” books (of any variety – and oh my these are Evy’s favorite books). Any book with mazes. Anything with superheros, or fantasy (dragons, lion/witch/wardrobe). We do allow the 1-2 books of his “characters” he enjoys (paw patrol, PJ masks, miles from tomorrowland). And in general – if he ever picks up a book at the library and puts it in our bag, I’m willing to give it a try!

We just love to read!!!!