everyday. that time when we went ice skating in june

This may shock you, but I’m a planner. Especially on my mamadays.

I generally only plan 24hrs in advance due to all the factors that quickly change — sleep the night before, weather variability, illnesses, etc.

So Monday morning I saw the 84 degree sunny afternoon and planned for our outdoor activities. During their quiet time at noon, I looked up at the clear sky and blazing sun and I loaded up the car with the bikes, packed our beach bag complete with swimsuits, extra clothes, sunscreen, waterbackpacks, and our snacks.

(That takes about 30 minutes to complete)

And then suddenly I notice it is get a little dark. It was LITERALLY just sunny. Now its dark and cloudy?!? 2pm radar check shows storms all afternoon.


Okay. I could just stay home and do play here. But the kids just did that for 6 hours.

Children’s museum is open but that’s a beast I’m not mentally prepared for.

We just did the library.

I could play out in the rain with them. But it shows possible severe thunderstorms. Nah.

I’m feel like we just did all the indoor parks this winter. Over those.

I could paint with them I suppose. hmmmm..

WAIT A SECOND. I quickly pull up the local Ice Arena’s website — and affirm my vague memory. SUMMER open skate hours Monday and Wednesdays from 3-4pm. for $2. DONE and DONE. 

I dump out the beach bag, unload the bikes…..run downstairs to the bins of skates and snow-pants. 

The kids eventually wander downstairs and I say — “do you guys wanna go ice-skating?!” 

You guys. The screams of joy that occurred after that….my ears are still ringing.

I’m honestly not sure who enjoyed the ice-skating more, Ethan or Evy. There were 3 teachers there giving lessons, an old guy, two school-age boys, and then us. That hour was amazing. Evy didn’t want to stop (except I had to help her and my back hurt so bad by the end of it!). And Ethan was trippy at first, but by 30 minutes in he had it down again like the winter months.

So fun! Watch Ethan go — and listen to Evy just sing. They were so happy. And our kids are fierce, the trips and falls didn’t phase them.