everyday gopro. hike : willow river state park (waterfall)

Driving right over the border into Wisconsin, there is a beautiful state park — with the highlight being a gorgeous waterfall. All the extra rains have made the falls extra lush and the hot humid summer day made this a perfect location for some breathing.

We went on this adventure with our friends Brian/Michelle and kiddos. Having 4 kids ages 4 and under hiking to a waterfall is no easy task. In reality the kids did really well. There were the normal kiddo squabbles because somehow ALL our children have strong wills. But that was offset by the epic gorgeousness of the waterfalls, the kids independently walking up 200-some-steps for the lookout, climbing up slippery wet rocks, feeling that current, and of course the play in the water itself!!

The mild danger of it all added a level of excitement that was totally up our ally. But don’t worry, it looks worse than it actually was — the water current, while impressive, still made it very doable to walk out right next to the falls (keeping a tight grip on the kiddos – usually). The ratio of adults to kids was 1:1 which was extremely helpful. The exotic seclusion of the location was so energizing.

So much fun! (video below for the extra sights and sounds of this beautiful area. Ethan did not want to leave those falls, and Evy would have played in the water all.day.long. But we finally gave them the 5 minute heads up we needed to start the hike back to the car. No, there’s no video of us walking back up the WICKED hill to get back to the car…but it was totally worth the trek. Matt pretty much just Spartan-ed it back up carrying the kiddos. Yup.)