adventure. 48 hours ago we bought plane tickets….

48 hours from now we were supposed to go on a family roadtrip to the North Shore for 3 days — except the weather forecast looks rainy and 50 degrees. all. weekend. long. UGH. Clearly we were less than thrilled.

What happens next is pretty incredible.

I’ll pause and speak to our readers for a moment.

If you’re one of the family/friends in our life that enjoy watching every detail — the hilarious craziness that occurs in our family….watch the full movie of our adventure. I did a “video-documentary” format so sit back, make sure your HD setting is set to the highest option, turn up the sound, and enjoy!! Watch, then skip down to the rest of the story/photos.

If you’re the person who appreciates a quick 1 minute video as a glimpse into our lives and then move on…. skip to the second video for the highlight reel is just for you.

You’ve now watched one of the videos above…..allow me to share the conclusions of our trip

Conclusion #1 — Kids are better travelers and more flexible than you think

  • We bought $40 tickets on a cheap airline which means we can’t be picky on the flight times. You generally can’t have the perfect cost, convenience, dates, and location when you buy tickets. The rule is you get to pick 3 out of 4. The location was tied to the cost and the plane was taking off 48 hours from now … so we threw convenience out the window and went with it!

Conclusion #2 — Less stuff = Less stress

  • We got 1 backpack each. 1 year ago this would have seemed impossible. Except we’ve fully embraced the tricks and tips of traveling light with kids and now it’s completely possible (and actually preferable)
  • We brought the GoPro, and during our 84 hours together, I only had 20 minutes of videos. The tiny camera feels almost invisible, and easily put on our head, in our pocket, or carried by a child. We push the button for a 5-10 second clip and then turned it off.  This allows us to be fully present for our memory-making.
  • Ethan brought a bag of tinkertoys. Evy had her baby. And we had some markers and paper and few soft cover books for the kids to share. The one “activity” we brought along? Swimsuits.

Conclusion #3 — Do what the locals do

  • We decided not to bring the scooters and instead focused on hiking and climbing! We found kid-friendly trails that were in the mountains that we wanted to try out and the kids loved it!

Conclusion #4 — Flexible routines

  • We slept in a single room with the kids for 4 nights — that meant bedtimes for all of us at 8pm and up at 6am. When the kids got tired, we napped them. We kept a loose schedule of our routine to guide our family during the day … but we went with the flow!
  • We go into any activity during our travels knowing we still have to meet our kid’s needs, that they’ll act different with different environments, time zones, altitudes, food options…even a different bathtub throws off the routine. We do what we usually do with our family — just in a new environment or in slightly different way.
  • Yes I hope to be recharged as an adult when we travel, but I have realistic exceptions….Matt and I snuck in conversations on the car rides, during the kid’s bathtimes…etc

Conclusion #5 — Parenting pays off

  • Showing our kids the wonder of creation during kayaking lakes in minnesota, enabled them to recognize the wonder of creation in the mountains all on their own
  • Having an “adventure” in our backyard ravine over and over, enabled them to understand the fun (and good hard work) an adventure climbing rocks and hiking mountains would bring
  • Encouraging them over and over for “strong legs” during scootering at home, allowed them to understand having “strong legs” during hikes in high altitude
  • Showing respect at the library and grocery store, enabled them to understand respect in a hotel and airplane (even at 1am).

Conclusion #6 —  An Equal love for Wanderlust and Homesteading

  • This adventure fulfilled our desire to explore, to sabbath, to hear God in new places, to stretch us and feed us, and dream about the intentions of our next adventure
  • This adventure equally created a deep love for our home, our state, our friends and family, our children, and each other.

CONCLUSION #7 — Allow room to breathe 

  • Every other CO trip we’ve stayed with my sister and lived life 24/7 with them the entire trip. This trip we purposely allowed for breathe room for both of our families.
  • We saw each other once a day for 3 days for a single activity– park, swim, hike. This allowed us to enjoy every minute of those hours, and still have time for our own kids, our own meals, our own breathe time. Somehow, it was the perfect recipe.

We’re now back at home in our normal routine and finding small adventures and wonders wherever we are! Thanks for following along with us and I hope this adventure brings encouragement and smiles to your day.