companions. gopro. canoe : marine on st. croix

By now, you know our good friends Kyle and Sara. They’ve been in our lives for over 5 years and they love our family so well. This weekend they shared with us an adventure in their backyard.

You guys. This is their backyard. 

I know. How does this even exist.

They simply walk off their deck, walk down the stairs to the dock, and there’s the St.Croix River. Even better, the spring rains have made the islands completely flooded which means you can explore the islands via canoe (!!!!) and get incredible views of all the trees and plants submerged underwater.

We did a first for our family. We went in canoes! Seat assignments were Matt/me/Evy in one and Kyle/Sara/Ethan in one.

Clearly there are some differences between kayaks and canoes — the huge open middle space the kids can stand/tip/walk/rock the boat, the fact we can’t “reach them” if they lean over….etc. However once I moved Evy to the very front of the canoe right by my knees, she did really well. She was able to move around in the small area without rocking the canoe too much. Ethan was very content with Kyle and Sara, did a really good job listening, and of course just wanted to hook the canoe rope to every tree he saw. (he loves connecting things. a bag of bungees is the best gift ever to him right now!). Matt and I constantly sighed “wow” over the beauty.

This adventure was soul filling because of all the details mixed together — a new place, a deep friendship, trying a new activity, and loving it all.

Would you believe me if I told you that in the middle of all of this, Evy asked to use my paddle, and proceed to sing “row row row your boat” all by herself? As Matt as my witness, that happened.

The video gives just a glimpse of the magic. So sit back, and enjoy.