everyday. this is what it looks like…

This is what it looks like most mornings around 630am when our children wake up, walk over to our room, and cuddle their soft warm cheeks to ours. The cuddles last about 10 seconds before the wrestling or breakfast-plans begin. But it’s still precious.

This is what it looks like grocery shopping on my mamadays. We usually shop 4 times a month (3x at aldi and 1x at trader joes) and these two rascals do well. When we were juggling carseats and difficult 1 year olds, solo grocery shopping with kids seemed impossible. Now it’s still risky but usually they do well when they’re given assignments to get things, and of course they get to pick out one snack to eat while I bag up the groceries.

This is what it looks like after bathtime. They love their animal towels, and this photo was on an evening I allowed them to eat their snack (greek yogurt and granola the kids made from scratch that day) after bathtime upstairs. The reasoning was selfish — that way they just brush teeth and we go right into books. Super slick.

This is what it looks like for Evy to play. She loves playing pretend, she loves playing with her baby dolls, and she loves reading. ALL THE READING you guys. Last night we did 15 books and it took 30 minutes. She sat through it all.

This is what it looks like at 7pm or 6am in Ethan’s room. You’ll find him coloring. All the coloring. He averages 2 hours a day coloring. Truly.

This is what it looks like for us to take a selfie. I realized yesterday I don’t think I’ve gotten a photo of just the two of us for several months. An updated one was definitely needed. And this one turned out great!