companions. kayaking with our niece

A special event occurred this weekend….we brought our 2 year old niece kayaking! We met up as two families at a local lake and we took her out for her first kayak adventure! Another fabulous first is Ethan tried out his kayak by himself for the first time this season! My sister-in-law also came out with Evy and it was the perfect lake to spy turtles sunning on the logs. *so many turtles. woah.

It was such a joy to cuddle this girl on my lap and of course watch her take in all the sights and sounds of kayaking! These are the moments of being an auntie that are just the best in the world. Bliss. We found a fabulous willow tree to explore as a “fort” and it was pretty much just as awesome as watching the turtles.*did I mention all the turtles? woah. (Matt brought his mavic prodrone; oh and of course, we made a gopro video for you to enjoy!)