gopro. kayak : cannon falls river

This day was something on our bucket list.

And you guys. WE DID IT. We kayaked down the Cannon Falls River. WITH THE CHILDREN for 2 hours.

Yes. You read that right.

We did the 8 mile river trail with children on our laps on our kayaks and it took us 2 hours and 5 minutes. 

How did we do that? Well. Like this.


On the perfect spring day we drove the 45 minutes south to Cannon Falls and started at the bike trail. You guys the bike trail is beautiful — but not super great for our kids. Mostly because it’s beautiful..and flat…but it just goes in one direction without much to stop at. So we only went a few miles total — but we did get to see the River (we were hoping to kayak next) from above and we decided that nope — the water is too fast. Not going to do it.

But the kids were crying (literally) that they wanted to do it. So we went to the river trail head (where conveniently there is a shuttle service you can pay them to drive you back upriver to your car) … and there was a 8 and 15 mile option. We kept looking at that fast flow — the almost 6 feet height (peak height during spring) and asked the shuttle service some details. We decided to try it. We had no plans all day so we could take our time.

It was incredible. The water was fast with several bouts of small rapids but we were able to maneuver it.

No one tipped over or dropped a paddle or fell in.

In fact – they said it takes an average of 2 hours depending on how much you paddle….and we didn’t know how the kids were going to do so we definitely got our workout in! And the beauty was breathtaking. 

We made some pit stops at two of the islands. The kids played, helped us paddle, we floated, we raced….it was amazing.

If I could say one thing I will remember always about this day….is this.

There was one section of the river that the banks were completely filled to the sky with trees. But there were probably 10 types of trees…and oddly enough, 10 different shades of green. It was incredible. I gasped and told Ethan in my lap — “LOOK at all the greens! Isn’t it amazing that God created trees with so many different type of greens?!” I think this is one of the most important thing I want to instill in our children – a wonder of God through creation. I adored feeling the cool water, letting him paddle, getting splashed by the waves, sticking our feet in mud with our kids…

Do you want to join us? Please please do. If you say you’ll come, rent a kayak or canoe and do it with us….we’ll totally do it again. I PROMISE the current keeps you following fast enough you don’t even need to do that much paddling if you don’t want to!

Want to see what you’re in for? Well…sit back, turn up the music, and check it out! (move that HD button to the highest res for all the details)