everyday. evy learns to scooter

Ethan is super super excited about this.

“Want to know how Evy learned to scooter?? She she she… just watched me and she can scooter now!”

It’s totally a true story.

So we’ve been trying to teach Evy how to scooter — but she’s young, and we had normal expectations that she probably won’t get that down for another 1-2 years. Because you know…she’s not even 2 and a half years old yet and the coordination and strength needed to do a scooter is harder than it looks.

BUT. For whatever reason. This week. She figured it out.

You guys. She is so proud. The most proud I’ve EVER seen her after achieving something!

And it’s hilarious. The only way for her to really pick up speed and strength is to crouch down in a constant “squat” position and just go! (her quads and glutes must be dyyyying!). She made it all the way to our neighborhood park (which is more than just a short walk) all.by.her.gorgeous.self.

Strong girl this one. Watch her go!! This is too fun.

And did you check out Ethan’s new scooter?! His grandparents gifted his birthday gift early and this scooter is a HUGE improvement with larger wheels so it’s a smoother ride over those sidewalk bumps (and more importantly, he can go faster and hit the skate parks with ease). Thank you grandpa and grandma!! It’s already making his summer so so fun!