everyday. hello little lovelies

These are the little lovelies that live in our home.

They call us mommy and daddy.

Actually Evy constantly calls us “Mommy Rose” and “Daddy Rose”.

(because you know. We call her Evy Rose. We’ve never heard anything so cute EVER. true story)

Matt and I have been married almost 10 years now. We’ve been parents for almost 5 years. We have been slowly adjusting to the new phase of our life together….crawling out from the “young parenthood trenches” to the next season. We are relearning how to be together in this new stage. We are hopeful, and in anticipation for the next milestones of our life together, we are talking more intentionally about us. Our new versions of self and togetherness. Our needs and deficiencies, our mistakes and our celebrations. We are tangling our roots down just a little deeper together and it’s hard work. We’re dreaming and reflecting, listening a little more, changing a little more, learning a lot more.

Ethan has become outrageously considerate. Is this what it’s like to have older kids in the house?!? PRAISE THE LORDE! He shares quickly. He thinks of ways to be helpful. He is so analytical and order/math driven which is starkly different from his younger sister. And yet his love for coloring and drawing showcases the inner creative that is in his spirit as well. The “truth” (whether it is emotional, mental, or scientific) is extremely important to him. He demonstrates strength, physical ability, and gentleness. 

Evy is unbelievably independent. She is creative and imaginative in her play on a level that is so different from her older brother. She can play pretend for hours. She is content with being in the burley for an hour with books and a doll and water. She fiercely plays and fiercely fights. She constantly sings and occasionally cuddles. Sure, she is no cuddle-bug, and yet prefers to be close to someone, loving the presence of others. She demonstrates initiative, curiosity, and wonder. 

This is the story God has been weaving of our family. Our broken lives being rebuilt…yes with the scars and imperfect edges…but it means we’re alive. It means we survived. And it means we’re on a new chapter. Another new start.