gopro. bike : swing bridge park

Hello sunshine!! After 5 days of cold and rainy spring days .. a 65 degree sunny day was MORE than welcomed on a mamaday!

We had a very constructive morning yesterday on my mamaday Monday. I mowed the lawn while the kids played in our yard. We wrote letters to our compassion kids. We sat and listened to 45 minutes of the Frozen orchestral soundtrack and I described the story to them while we snuggled on the couch. We ate blueberries and yogurt for breakfast. We drew chalk pictures on the driveway.

And all of that was before 930am. No joke. 

The kids have asked me EVERY mamaday to go out on a bike adventure so I picked something on our list and we drove 30 minutes to the Swing Bridge Park! It is one of the trail-heads of the Missisippi River Trail – and we did 2 miles of that trail but it was wicked hilly. Really really hilly. Not joking about this. SO hilly. And it was adjacent to a major road and was kinda noisy.

However the coolest part of this area was of course the trail-head itself — the Swing Bridge. The bridge that extends over half the width of the missisippi river. That section was flat and beautiful and we biked through it all twice!

We stayed on the end of that bridge for over an hour. We ate snacks. We did yoga. We talked about everything and anything. It was really glorious.

Here’s the video of our day! 

Oh yes. And may I make note of the yoga. It was such a beautiful quiet spot, it seemed very natural to do some stretching…and yoga was the perfect fit. Both Matt and I do yoga intermittently with our workouts. And Ethan observes/participates into many of these. What I didn’t know is how much Ethan really knew — because he actually did the technique really well. Here….take a look! (and make sure to turn up the sound to hear him. He’s so cute)