everyday. skate park

When our children are up at 6am….it means at 730am we are all set for our day.

Sometimes on my 730am mamadays I grab the kids and the bags and drive the 30minutes to Trader Joes to do our grocery shopping at 8am when they open. They get to pick a snack while I shop…It’s kinda perfect.

Sometimes I turn on the Orchestral Frozen Soundtrack, crank it up loud, and sit on the couch and describe what’s happening. They love this so much it lasts the full hour. No joke.

Sometimes I have the bikes loaded on the car and we drive somewhere to bike with our picnic morning snack. (or second breakfast).

Sometimes I had them squirt bottles and towels and make a game out of cleaning the bathrooms and tables and floors. (abnormally successful by the way!)

Well, yesterday I had an idea for something different. Ethan loves to scooter, and Evy is learning…so why not try to find a skate park near us?! No one would be there at 730am on a Monday morning so the kids can scooter, or just play on the ramps…whatever they wanted to do!

It was actually a huge success! They loved it!!

Oh yes – here’s the video!!