gopro. bike : big rivers

Big Rivers Bike Trail was super fun because not only did it provide a smooth trail with constant views of the river — but it also had bluffs with rocks (that of course we encouraged ethan to climb…thank goodness no rock slides happened!) and also a totally fun area of “sand rocks!”

This was the perhaps the coolest spot of the trail. This area of “sand rocks” – it looks like you can climb it but you can’t, it’s all smooth white sand! And the “rocks” of sand you pick up and through against it just shatter into sand as well. Totally unique.

Ethan really picked up his speed – reaching 12mph at times, with an average of 9mph for most of the trail. Sometimes I wonder if his bike was made for that speed (it looks like it’ll just fly out from under him one of these times!) but he loves it. He always calls out “BOOSTERS!” when he zooms past.

It was something really gorgeous!