everyday. the evy

I wanted to spend this post to gush over Evy.

Second born kiddos have SO many perks ….and because she’s the second she get’s so many benefits of getting to do all the “big kid stuff” perhaps a bit earlier due to environment…..still get those extra baby cuddles….perhaps even a few more “second chances” than the older kid just due to her age.

However. Sometimes Matt and I look at each other and wonder if we’ve missed intentional moments with Evy. By nature, Ethan’s first are always OUR first’s too because we’ve never done that age or development before. And due to birth order, we can never change that. But we’ve tried to be SO intentional to meet Evy where she’s at. We look for times she is naturally content  and encourage her on during those things.  We find ways to stretch her — and constantly manage the hard age of two. WOAH – she has fully entered the selective-hearing-purposely-ignoring-parents stage. Let’s not focus on that though.

She takes a bath independently for 30 minutes. Without supervision.

She walks around with a blanket around her shoulders, just like her mama.

She plays in mud and water and dirt quickly and easily. (laundry and ruined clothes. lorde)

She sings the ABCs, wheels on the bus, itsy bitsy spider, counts to 12, and randomly bursts into song.

She goes off on her own ….. in the playroom to play pretend with her kitchen and doll and feeds them (and us) her food she made for us…..or at a park to play in the sand or go down slides

She sits and reads 5-10 books every night before bed. Look and Find books are her absolute favorites.

She is physically “tough” and has always been… she falls down and gets splinters, she knocks over her dinner chair and hits her head, she gets countless scrapes.

She is equally cuddly and gentle and fierce and strong. She cuddles a baby and then she turns around and wrestles. She slowly colors a picture carefully and then she races down the driveway on a fourwheeler.

She’s learning how to scooter by herself (whoo hoo!) and loves to be outside doing any activity possible.

We adore you darling and fierce Evy!!