companions. finley and lina

Own little twin nieces, just six-weeks-new, are so precious!

We were so thankful to go visit them last week! Taking care of newborn twins is as hard as you would imagine it to be, and it’s equally beautiful and fascinating all at the same time.

As a parent of two, the differences of our newborn babies were 2 years apart – and yet there were stark differences on everything from temperament to nursing-ease to sleep preferences. With infant girl twins – you see the differences side-by-side right away which is super fascinating! They’re as same and different as any siblings and I ADORE that.

LINA : Lina is cuddly, timid, sleepy, flexible, slightly darker skinned, with darker hair. (“the italian baby” and so fitting for her name!). Oh my word this babe would curl up on you for 24 hours if you’d let her. SUCH a snuggle bug. Little Lina James you are gentleness and tenderness all bundled together

FINLEY: Finley is vocal, playful, active, awake, lighter skinned, lighter hair. (she reminds me so much of my babes when they were her age!!) She would just look around as you walk and take in everything around her. Finley Rose stretches out herself so she is seen and heard and this girl will be something super fierce.

We are SO thrilled to have these girls join our extended family and we can’t wait to cuddle them again soon next month!! We love you all!