everyday. the sunset backyard portraits (real kid style)

I have almost exclusively used our GoPro camera or my phone to take photos for almost 5 months. (maybe even longer!). Most of the activities we did this winter and spring needed something compact and light weight. Or we were indoors (and I just don’t LOVE indoor photos unless we’re conveniently all situated by a window).

And yet, last week I took photos of our twin nieces (with my “good” camera) and I remembered what beautiful photos it produced.

So yesterday afternoon I asked the kids “I would like to take some new photos of you guys”. 

I paused briefly as I said this — I looked at their self-picked out “mismatched” outfits, complete with mud from our second kayak adventure we only minutes earlier returned home from — and messy hair — and I thought “yup this will be perfect. i’ll remember this because it’s real. this is life and love”. 

I’ve never been in love with classic posed portraits. And for many years I’ve done my best to add emotion and life as best as I can into these moments. The little imperfections make it real.

How do can I capture those real looks — the real moments — in a still photo? Well. By keeping them “as is” at 6pm after literally 12 hours of pancakes and syrup, wind and water, all messing them up into normal 2 and 4 year olds.

So I picked up my camera, knelt on the grass, and asked the kids to come take a photo.

They ran to each other. Sat down. And did this. (click). Perfection.