gopro. bike : cleary lake

With 5 bike adventures under our belt, we have a great system down. Ethan helps put the bikes on and off the car. He can even help with the assembly of the burley!

Evy now lists off for us everything she needs for her burly ride too. Just to make sure we have everything the same every single time… “Eby water backpaaaaak, Eby baby and nutter baby and wafclofffff, Eby booooooks….”

My mamaday was looking great so I drove 30 minutes to a path around a lake we haven’t done before. I’ll be honest, and rate it as “okay”. The path wasn’t near the water. It was meh as far as views. But the kids did really well. And we found a fun spot for our picnic lunch. Also. Evy fell asleep for a nap which was a huge win!

I got the video with a different perspective (on my back) so you can see and hear Evy (and subsequently Ethan’s constant checking in with her….love his compassion with her!). So turn up the sound and enjoy our mamaday bike ride this week!