everyday. the muddy ravine day

If you follow us on Instagram. You know what this post is all about.

And you may think I’m crazy. Or brilliant. This is how it played out……

(inside my head) The ravine looks beautiful! The leaves starting to bud on the trees, there’s probably not too many itch weeds down there this early in the season. I love how that sun comes through the trees. I should bring the kids down there. Okay. The “ice rink” has become a huge mud puddle. That sounds terrible. Or it’s like a dream come true for the kids. Or they’ll hate it. 

“HEY GUYS!! Do you want to go in the ravine in the mud?”

Evy says, “Find bunnies???” (referring to the bunnies in our yard that ran away earlier in the morning)

Sure! They’re probably sleeping but we can look.

“YEEEAAHH.” (insert jumping kids)

Okay. We need to get your mud clothes on. (aka old-too-small-clothes we can throw away after if needed). Also I need to put a bunch of towels around the house for when we get back….Maybe Matt can help out too once he’s home from work.

You guys ready?? Let’s go!!!

Right now, you may be thinking what.on.earth possessed her to do this solo with a 2 and 4 year old?? Well. While I was planning it, I didn’t know why. But once I got down there with them, I realized why. One reason for them and one reason for me.

Them? Because I want them to be able to get uncomfortable and dirty. I want them to know even though their parents prefer order and cleanliness at all times (when possible), it’s okay to be messy. It’s okay for them to be muddy (and their mommy actually encouraging it!) and seeing mommy get all muddy too. They may need to be okay with this later in life for some unknown reason in another situation and this is a good first step.

Me? Because I need to keep being okay with messiness. If I can survive this worst case scenario (two young kids falling in mud, losing their boots, me carrying them back up the ravine into the house totally full of mud)….I can probably survive almost anything. So I had nothing to lose by trying it. Seeing that I can survive/thrive in this moment, with a sincere smile on my face, makes me hopeful for me being able to get messy and muddy and dirty and sweaty in other fun situations I may have (in a previous life stage) otherwise avoided. Purposefully making myself uncomfortable – in order to grow – has served me well in the past. This was the same case this time!

“Mommy this is fun! Icky Icky Mud! Icky Icky Mud!  Evy let’s race! Let’s play with sticks!”

Oops. Evy fell a bunch of times and is getting cold. Ethan lost his boot. We’ve been down here for 45 minutes you guys. Let’s head back up to the house….oh good. Daddy just arrived to help out!!! PERFECT timing!

Here’s the video in case you want to watch this squishy-sticky-muddy play!! We did it. (and no, we never did find the bunnies. But they’ll be back to visit tomorrow in our yard. I’m sure of it!)