gopro. bike : kaposia landing

I’m learning something about myself.

I prefer to bike by water.

Around a lake. Next to a river. I’m not picky. But somehow it translates into more …. peace? … when it’s present. There’s something about it.

Of course the deep woods are also a favorite. The overhanging trees and branches (soon to be filled with leaves) gives me this sense of insignificance – in the good way – as if I’m in the presence of something holy. And the water provides this metaphorical (or literal) inner peace.

A GORGEOUS new trail had the “next to water” thing down because it brings you right along the Mississippi River.

It’s hard to tell in the photos. But that’s actually a steep rock bank on one side, and a steep grass bank on the other. For one like me (a wee-bit terrified of heights) I had this adrenaline rush the entire time (and fear someone would die if they skidded on that gravel). But hanging over my soul was this sense of wonder with that river.

Of course we stopped on those rocks for a snack. And Matt brought his quad to check out the river.

This is probably going to remain one of our top trails — it’s beautiful, mostly flat, interesting, and relatively close to home! Here’s the gopro family video….We managed to dodge the surrounding thunderstorms and had a beautiful few hours together. (the video is a bit wobbly at times because I was experimenting with some new mounts; plus evy wanted to help out a lot too! Thanks for sticking with it anyway ;)