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Need something to listen to during the rainy days this spring? Or during our walk outside in the sunshine? I have some things for you to listen to that I HIGHLY recommend you check out! (that way, you can tell me if you liked it and then we can DISH about it together!!)

Blog Posts

Podcasts – This is MY hands down my new thing I look forward to everyday. If you don’t listen to podcasts yet- you should goal to try one this weekend! It’s really as simple as listening to a “radio show conversation” over a certain topic. It’s totally free. You put the app on your phone, pick the “shows’ you want to listen to, and away you go! Here are my favorites — just click on the link and you can listen to it right on your computer or phone! Most podcasts are 30-60 minutes long.

  • The Simple Show – travel, home, and books.
    • I love ALL of them. Go to her site and just browse the topic titles. WOW. Matt enjoys these too! (esp the travel ones!)
    •  THIS one of the “best and worst cities of the world” is perfect. It’ll get you excited to browse through all her others podcasts!
    • Matt and I just finished THIS podcast which is the first chapter in her new book. It set’s up why/how they traveled the world for 9 months with three young kids. It’s incredible.
  • The Happy Hour – guest interviews (faith, adoption, travel, parenting)
    • I have several close friends who also listen to this one which makes it EXTRA fun to have people to jump start conversations about the topics!
    • Jamie hosts with fabulous fascinating guests all the time, but THIS one prompted conversation for Matt and I for weeks. Her guest speaks on what happened when her teenage son rejected his faith. WOW. Talk about parenting discussion.
  • Sorta Awesome – all things “awesome”
    • The variety of this show always provides great content! But recently THIS one about adoption was really fascinating to listen to
  • How I built This – NPR : Matt and I both listen to this one — about how businesses (everything from Uber to Melissa/Doug to Power Rangers) get their start.
    • I enjoyed THIS one about the clothing company Pantagonia! Browse through the list..it’s always fun to hear how people got started!
  • Honorable Mentions : Other’s that I listen to when I don’t have a new one of the ones listed above — What should I Read Next, Smartest Person in the Room, Pantsuit Politics, S-Town, Stuff You Should Know, Off Camera

TV shows (well, Hulu/Netflix)

  • The Great British Baking Show on Netflix – This is light heartened, pretty and happy, English competition baking show that is fabulous. I don’t enjoy competitive shows or “reality” shows, but I do enjoy this. Maybe it’s the accents and color palates. It’s so nice.
  • Marvel’s Agents of Shield – Matt and I look forward to this every week. Date night at home!
  • (wish list) = I have several documentaries that are recommended as “must see” on Netflix. Documentaries intrigue me – they’re biased (not journalism), someone trying to get you to see a certain perspective or issue because they’re passionate about it….I’ll let you know at the end of the year if I watch any and thoughts I had…. :–)