everyday. what we’re been up to (life)

Why hello! In case you may be wondering, a few updates from our homestead…..

The moment it hits 40 degrees outside in March, we get the IMMEDIATE itch to start some spring cleaning and purging and “honey-to-lists”. We have a list to get the stuff done that we’ve put off for months — such as new lightbulbs in the hallway, fix the bathroom fan, fix the door, repaint that one spot, fill in the woodpecker holes….you get the idea. So April and May is our “fix it!” months!

For 4 years, we’ve been outrageously good at meal planning (80% of the time). As in I figure out what meals we want to eat for the next 7-10 days, buy food for JUST those things, and we pretty much know what’s going on. The last 4 weeks we’ve taken it to the next level and actually fully meal PREPPED on sunday’s for the week. (bliss). As in all our lunches made in containers, healthy snacks all ready to go, fruit washed and veggies mostly chopped. It takes about 2 hours on a Sunday, but it works really well! Plus it really saves us time during the week.

We’re getting all ready for the next seasons — SPRING AND SUMMER!! We have biking and kayaking and hiking lists we’re going to be working through as a family!! (see yesterday’s post for details)

Hobbies (which is how we currently define holy soul care) are being pushed more towards a priority we need in our lives right now — like reading and outdoor tennis, Thursday night date nights and small group, reaching out to old and new friends, gently pursuing our children and serving opportunities, monthly rebudgets and slow/intentional living….all ways that God tends to speak to us, reveal Himself, to live in joy.

All little moments of normal that add up and make God’s incredible story of our family …

Like sitting and listening to favorite podcasts

Like braiding Evy’s hair to keep her bangs out of her face

Like Ethan engineering things with bungee cords over the house and yard

Like dreaming about the future and reminiscing about the past

Like learning Settles of Catan with good friends

Like playing Code Names over facetime

Like admitting marriage is hard, parenting is hard, friendships are hard, families are hard

Like cleaning up food off the floor and accidentally vacuuming up tiny toys

Like listening to the Frozen orchestral soundtrack for #1423th time for the “running” part

Like swapping over kids clothes time and time again as they grow and tear through them

Like playing tennis or doing yoga over lunch breaks

Like crying over patient’s lives filled with injustices

Like watching Evy twirl her hair

Like Ethan wrapping himself in fleece blankets at bedtime

That’s just a tiny glimpse of these little minutes of our life. 

It’s been what we’ve been up to.