gopro. biking adventures begin!

Biking season has arrived!! 

So Ethan learned to bike without training wheels at an abnormally early age (totally lucked out on that). He also has a love for physical activities and the outdoors which enables us to do a ton of “older kid” stuff with him when he’s still only preschool age. He can do six miles on the bike without a sweat, and around mile seven he starts to tucker out. 

We didn’t know how Evy would do in the burly this year at this age of 2. First adventure we stopped several times which seemed to help her get used to it because she was pretty antsy during that ride. But in generally she really wasn’t whiny for the 2 hours we were out. And then my solomama outing was PERFECTION. She was in the burly 1 hour straight without any fuss — she had some coloring, some books, a baby and a washcloth, and her water backpack.

As I thought about our summer options, two things are driving us towards this

  1. Wanderlust — We as a family thrive on exploring, seeing new things, changing routines (although that grounds us too, it’s an odd reality). Yes we plan trips frequently, and we’re excited for some new options coming up in the next few years! But this summer we’re pretty much staying put — biking is free ; we get to see new areas ; and it has a feeling of adventure and exploring new places.
  2. Homesteading — We as a family also thrive on routines and we prioritize intentional living, being fully present where we are. Our place right now is the Twin Cities  – filled with bike trails and lakes. THUS. Biking (and kayaking and start training our kids on hiking!). In addition, all these activities are conducive to invitations of other people to join us – it deepens our community with the people in our lives. Add in the benefit for being in nature (one of our top wasy of showing God to our kids) and physical activity (wellness, decreases stress, etc) … it’s pretty much a win in all areas!

So this spring/summer, we have a goal to complete 25 different trails in our area. This is by no means an exhaustive list of the Twin Cities (not even close), but instead of humming and hawing on a Saturday morning where to go — Ethan just points to one listed and we head there!

I probably won’t share every trail with you…. but just in case you’re wondering what this looks like (and if you should invite yourself along next time (um yes!!))… here’s our first two adventures!

And my solomama dirt-trail. No music added on purpose so you can feel the air and the mood. Other than the constant little voices of Ethan and Ev commenting and singing….it was just birds. Our bikes are clearly not mountain-bike like they should be for the trail (and burley wheel may or may not have almost fallen off from the jarring) but it’s a gorgeous trail.