everyday. a birthday of thirtytwo

It’s my birthday day! Thirty two!

(a few selfies from the past few months. there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation for all of them, with fabulous hashtags via private texts, for a specific time, sent to someone(s) who shall remain nameless. you’ll just have to use your imagination of all those details. mwah-haha. ).

It’s a regular day overall for me today. Except it’s my birthday!! And that’s okay. I’m glad I’m another year older, another year of countless moments and experiences that have changed the trajectory of my life. I’m forever grateful for the generous blessings we have. And I’m so thankful it’s a new year, a new start, again.

If you were ever curious about me as a little babe, here are a few photos of the first year of my life.

I can only imagine what all happened the five minutes before and after the pictures were taken. How my parents experienced infanthood with me…. in similar and different ways that I experience with my kids. I am SO thankful for these photos that were taken 32 years ago!!