in motion. go pro. zoo day

The Minnesota zoo is just a few miles from our house. We’ve utilized this location 10-30x a year since our membership started 4 years ago.

When Ethan was a baby, it was the perfect place to walk around with him in the stroller. They have a nursing area. Lots of things to see. And even better, they have a large indoor area with the Tropics Trail — WARMTH! GREEN! In the winter!!!

As we added Evy….we used the double stroller. I’d go for just 45 minutes on a mamaday and still make it home in time for pre-naptime. That’s the joy of the 5 minute drive!

There was a 6 month terrifying time ; around ages 1 and 3, where both kids were mobile — didn’t listen well — and would run off head of me and I’d feel the terror and frustration of two kids running off in opposite directions without any hope of me finding them unless they stopped on their own.

But finally. We made it to age 2 and 4. No strollers. I can grab a backpack with some water, a camera, and snacks and we were GOLDEN!!!

Here is the glimpse of us doing the indoor area of the zoo!