adventure. mama roadtrip with the e’s

This month I did something a little crazy. I took these two and drove 4 hours by myself to visit a friend in Des Moines, Iowa!! Everyone say ROADTRIP!!

The drive itself is super easy. (er. boring). Mostly because southern MN and northern Iowa looks like this. So four hours of flat farmland was hard only because there was like NOTHING to look at. But the sunrise was pretty!

I woke the kids up early and dumped them in the car (in the jammies)! This allowed for the first 30minutes of the drive to be breakfast time. I packed the front seat with several sets of activities — that we did in 20-40 minute chunks. And you know what, I made it THREE HOURS on these with NO ISSUES!! It was coloring books, water-books, little cars, Ispy books, and a bunch of fun CDs to sing along to. I saved the Ipads for the very last 45minute chunk which was perfection.

We arrived to our friends house!! Ashley and her two boys were such fabulous hosts. The unique thing about our relationship is that we’ve had an “online friendship” for over five years. Truly. We met in person in college. But the bulk of us knowing and encouraging each other has been online via our blogs and instagram posts!! When I walked in their house, it was as if I knew so much about her community and family just from her openness online. It was like coming home.

One thing I love to do with a friend is 1) ask about the people in their life and 2) see their everyday adventure places. That is a glimpse into deep places of the heart. And it’s a beautiful way to enter someone’s life. Ashley and her boys were so friendly, so flexible, and so welcoming of me and the e’s that it felt so normal to hang out with them. We even got some adult talking time in during all the commotion which was extra sweet.

The other big milestone?!

Ethan and Evy slept in the SAME room as me for a night and it worked!! We’ve never had them share a room, let alone with one of us. They slept 8pm-5am! I continually woke up because they are such noisy sleepers (even with the sound machine on high, I heard every rustle). But you know what, I didn’t even mind. Because it worked, this opens up whole new opportunities in the future! (Hope is on the horizon)

Thank you Ashely for such a fabulous visit and letting us do life with your family!!