dear daughter. two years old

Dear daughter.

You are two years old! (well, two years plus some change…..)

Look at how much you’ve grown in the past year!!

You are so very unique in many beautiful ways and we are loving your personality shine out!! Our best description of you right now? You are fierceness and tenderness all rolled into one.

You’re independent and brave. You wander away, with your own purpose, to play by yourself frequently. And at the same time, you constantly want to do what Ethan is doing, or be right next to us.

You’re beautiful and smiley, and while your excessive whining and toddlerhood has it’s usual frustrations, you are overall a very normal toddler. Not too difficult, not too easy….just right!!

You love imagination and art. Playing pretend with your baby doll. Coloring on paper constantly on your own and even trying to spell your name!

You love people. You love being held and cuddled. You love to roughhouse and wrestle and run everywhere. You love to be with other kids.

You love LOVE books! Curious George, Pete the Cat, and playing “I spy” books are your favorites.

You love puzzles, and making towers. Oh, And you love to be in the kitchen (real or play) with us! You love to mix things, crack eggs, make chicken, and really do anything you can with us.

You love chasing Ethan around the house. Racing down the driveway. Throwing balls down the stairs. And “working out” with us.

You now sleep in your toddler bed from 7pm-6am. You are growing!! All your 2T clothes are already getting snug and you’re mostly in 3T! You are tall and spunky and so very active. Your clothes do not stay clean for very long. (seriously)

You are a really good eater and are often opposite of Ethan (or he’s opposite of you?). You love to “dip” things in condiments (you’d eat salsa, hummus, any sauce, even ketchup with a spoon if we’d let you!). You love fruit and oatmeal, meat and fish, and most veggies (with some resistance of course). You don’t love desserts or breads very much (odd child). You love to anything with a spoon or your fingers.

We love that you are so expressive and talk so much, You have really started full sentences now! Although sometimes your words are “toddlerisms” your words have become much more clear. This age has it’s significant challenges with patience, but with you, life is always an adventure with constant giggles!

Love you,

mom and dad