everyday. the boy who loves art

Our son REALLY loves to color. It’s been a favorite activity for a while now, but it’s really taken off as a thing of it’s own.

He has started drawing pictures on his own for almost an hour a day. Truly. He just goes and does it. It’s like he disappears. And we look around and are like “Where’s Ethan? ETHAN buddy where are you?!” and he runs around the corner and hands us something he’s drawn.

Such as this.

Can you tell what it is? It’s the earth. And mars and the sun and other planets. And him in a rocket ship. I literally asked him to show me the picture he looked at to draw it — and he scrunched his eyebrows at me and says “No  mommy. I just. I just thought of it in my head and drew it!”

Here’s another. This one probably needs context. I was making breakfast in the kitchen. He helped me while it cooked. and then he ran back to me about a minute later. Yes. It’s me making blueberry pancakes in the skillet.

Before you think otherwise. He still loves to color with markers actual coloring sheets. And he loves “learn to draw” books.

He colored this on his own. He made patterns on his own. He did “shading” on his own (because water has different colors of blue, and sand has different colors of brown).

I love art. So this whole thing that he loves is like a dream as a mama. PLUS. I get all these adorable kid-drawings to put all over the house and my office. Maybe someday I’ll get annoyed by it, but right now it’s totally fun and amazing to watch your kid grow up!