everyday. ice skating in the ravine


The ravine magic has no end. No limit in sight.

Ethan and I walked down to the ravine yesterday (you know, because of all the new pretty snow). And as expected, it was beautiful and breathtaking.

And when we got to the bottom … where we usually play…. we promptly slipped onto our butts.

We looked down and wiped the snow away. Under several inches of snow, all the leaves and dirt and rocks were looking up at us completely frozen, in clear ice. 

I started to smile.

I walked around the edges, with my weight crunching the ice. But towards the middle, there was a huge area of completely solid ice. Sure there were a few leaves and sticks sticking through…but it was a relatively smooth ice rink. The perfect ice rink.

I got this goofy look and I looked at him with a huge smile and said “LET’S grab a shovel and your ice skates!!!!”

We scurried-slid-slipped all the way back up, grabbed our stuff, and went back down.

About an hour later, I text Matt “You gotta come see this.”

360 degrees around us are trees covered in snow – completely engulfing our beings. We were at the bottom of the ravine surrounded by steep sides. Like we’re sitting in the bottom of a magical bowl. There’s not a sound other than birds and the snow and our kids. No wind. The only movement was the falling snow. And also the group deer over there. It felt like we were in the middle of a sacred moment. Just us and God were there. Like every snowflake was a kiss from Him.

(video gopro by me ; song “like ships need the sea” by emily hearn)