recreated. b&w look. see.

Look. See.

A simple side by side.

About every 6 months.

And suddenly you see how incredible they are. How much they’ve grown.

It’s a mix of bittersweet nostalgia and epic relief.

For this reason I ADORE B&W photos. It’s like time has stood still, but you somehow see them grow….all at once. 

Look. See.

Their play and interactions from early early early — I now see how it’s their personalities. Their tenderness towards each other, all at the same time that they’re wrestling, at the same time that they’re giggling, and then crying, and then comforting, and then wrestling again… it is a conundrum I don’t think I’ll ever figure out as their mama. Maybe that’s the secret to their sibling connection. The love/hate zigzag through their lives. Their interactions with each other are their own communication, their way of building connection and trust.

Look. See.

I find these a breathe of fresh air. The ability to see what time as passed …. all the emotions that have settled in the little spaces of time. And it gives me joy and a hope for the future as well. Bless.