everyday. new things

You may be wondering what we’re up to these days……and a few things are new…..

We’re deepening friendships.

We’re doing more reading.

I’m writing.

We’re caring for friends and family who are in difficult places.

We’re adjusting to new bedtime routines and meal-planning and parenting changes as our kids get older

Matt’s playing tennis and flying his new quad

I’m weekly mentoring teenage girls.

We’re playing new games with the kids, and having fun with some seasonal activities.

And right now — I have to say “not now” to a regular blog schedule to make room for those things mentioned above. I want nothing more to provide you with routine¬†blog posts that you know what days they’re showing up and can look forward to it!! But right now I can’t say yes to that. So it may be a bit random around here on the frequency of the posts.

A few options for you to know if we post something…..

  • I hang out on Instagram and I’ll probably let you know if there is a new one!
  • You can sign up to get emails of our new blog posts!! Go to the main page of the blog — upper right corner you’ll see a square with 3 little dots — click that to expand, and you’ll see the place to put in your email to sign up — and you’ll automatically get an email with a new post as soon as we post something!!
  • Randomly check in around here and then binge-read to catch up!

Oh. And for today — here’s a picture Ethan painted this week at home. (and of course he wouldn’t let me keep it, he wanted to mail it to someone. sooooooo, I took a picture instead)