in motion: gopro : our ravine

By now you probably know we have (what we call) a “ravine” in our backyard. We love adventuring down there!

The just-out-of-the-box-gopro was sitting on the counter. We’ll probably go in the ravine this afternoon. So how about I try my first photojournalism-gopro-style-videography right in our backyard? 


First. I DID NOT want this new technology to be a road block for living life present with our kids. If we’re going to use it, the kids need to be on board, involved, and us not micromanaging (too much) the results. The camera is waterproof. As child-proof as one could expect. So why not let the kids use it? If I can use one afternoon (out of 20 times in the next three months) to document our life in the ravine, that means the other 19 times I feel so free to leave everything (camera, gopro, phone) at the house and be fully present (and I get my creative on once too!) Win.

Since it was my first attempt, I totally lassoed Ethan to help be a visionary for our movie. Oh yes. I spent a good part of the morning trying to explain “introducing the characters” and having a “plot and resolution” to my four year old movie-maker Ethan. I told him the purpose was “to have fun, and show people we love what we like to do in our ravine!” He was ON BOARD.

The final product?? A 4 minute (surprisingly) accurately stunning and fun summary of our 45minutes spent in the ravine. You guys. This was EVERYTHING I wanted in the technology. A way to capture us in motion as a family.

Ethan did 50% of it. Evy 10%. And Matt and I did the other chunk. We used lots of perspectives — head straps, chest straps, stick….to mash it other to help you feel really apart of our family. And Ethan’s running commentary is honest and perfectly him. So turn up the sound, sit back, and enjoy!

(music “life is better with you” and “life sounds like” by michael franti”)