everyday. (gopro teaser)

So. You guys.

I have something to share with you. 

I’m totally. Utterly. Completely. Kinda newly obsessed. With Videography. GoPro Style.

Yes. My birthday present came early. (GoPro!) And we’ve had a BLAST.

My reasoning? Because I love photos. But our family is SO active now (and the camera is so big, I don’t want to carry the phone everywhere) and I wanted more “motion” memories. A different way to document our time as a family….with the added plus of fulfilling my inner need to create….with the added plus of it’s just plain fun for all of us (kids included!) to use it!

Bonus. I’ve always loved the person-view and style of GoPros. We may never make any fancy red-bull commercials or jump from helicopters, but surly I can create that “in real life feel” to our adventures (both big and small?!)

Thus our choice. GoPro Video.

My goal? To intermittently do what I’ve always done with my photography style (lifestyle photojournalism) and simply put it in motion.

It takes a lot more time to put it together (just like bad or blurry photos, there are plenty of unusable video clips)…..so I didn’t have it ready today yet. And I currently actually have three projects in process (shh).

But. Here is a photo we took with the GoPro to get you ready for the video hopefully completed tomorrow…… in motion: gopro: our ravine!!!!!  Perfection.