everyday. evy’s big girl bed (happy ending pending…)

Look at her. 2 years old. And she finally has her “big bed”.

Here’s the thing. It’s been BRUTAL. The entire process.

Do you want to know the really really sad reason we transitioned her?? It wasn’t because she was crawling out, or falling out, or asking for it, or anything. It was because for 5 days straight, she cried for HOURS everynight from 11pm-3am for any given length and we were exhausted. And we looked at each other, and we literally said “well it’ll be hard to transition her to a big bed no matter what, and right now our nights can’t get any worse, so we might as well do it now” 

One week into the big bed transition and it was terrrrrrrrrrible.

Evy has always been insistent. But this is beyond that. It’s entered tenacious.

Because she’s totally sleepy. Totally safe. Totally calm snuggled up in our arms after books. But the second we move her to her bed. SHE FREAKS. And she continues in that way until 9pm (that’s almost 2 hours people). And then she wakes up at midnight and does it until 2am.

You may think “Freaking out” is a bit strong. But I have no other words in the English language to describe what she does. She cries until she gasps — gags — even vomits one time. She goes HOARSE. And we go in there and she just says “one more cuddle” and she’s calm — until we put her down. We’ve tried 1 minute cuddles, 3 minute cuddles, up to 1 hour cuddles thinking she’ll be ASLEEP when we put her down.

NOPE. She’s still awake.

Matt’s slept on the floor in her room at 2am because we just can’t do more hours of it. And nothing changes. We’ve put her on the floor of our room even (we’ve NEVER EVER done that) because we’re so desperate.

This girl used to average 12 hours of sleep everynight. Until she suddenly stopped and now is getting about 6 hours everynight.

We’ve thought of every cause. Teething. Ears. Lonely. Scared. Growth Spurt. Regression.

We do. not. know.

(oh. did I mention Ethan sleeps through all of this? He’s like a rockstar. He’s like the EASY one for us. And that says something).

So you may be wondering what now?!? Well. Now we are on day 12 of it. And the weekend improved. Actually, having a babysitter do bedtime with her 1 week into it seemed to “reset” her a bit which has been so helpful. Now we can convince her to stay in bed, if we sit on the little couch in her room while she “falls asleep”. And we keep her door open (that makes a difference).

ONE NIGHT. Matt put her down at 8pm and walked out. And she stayed in her bed and asleep until 630am

(insert party music and sunshine)

And then two nights ago night we got less than four hours of sleep. Because she literally cried for 5 hours.

Trust me, it’s still a long road. We’re trying to meet her needs and cues, and still demonstrate constant grace towards her, without maxing us out. I KNOW we went through this with Ethan. Nothing new under the sun right. And everything constantly changes.

So. Send us happy thoughts. And maybe a louder sound machine (just kidding. but not. but totally). At this rate, it really can’t get much worse. So there’s that. But hopefully she’ll keep on sleeping on her own in her big bed better and better each night this week!