everyday. food choices

Let me start this post by saying that our children are not picky eaters. We can debate that this is personality or parenting. But regardless — our kids eat what we put on their plate. Because that’s their option. And if they don’t want it, they can wait to eat until the next meal, or eat it now (while it’s warm) or eat it later (when it’s cold). They need to try things, and it’s fine if they don’t prefer it. We don’t make them finish it. And 80% of the time they eat 80% of their meal. That’s a pretty good success rate in my book.

Evy has always loved food. (no idea who’s genetics gave her that).

But she weirdly loves sauces. Honey. Syrup. Ketchup. Salsa. Yogurt. Hummus.

This week, her kick is tacos. She just walks around asking for Tacos.

I finally gave her a taco shell as her 9am snack (she had already been up for 4 hours and eaten breakfast a long time ago). And she ate two of them while wondering the house.

I promise 80% of the time I give my kids good food. (it’s not usually organic or something like that, but it’s primarily meat/veggies/fruit/homemade). But also know that I hand them a taco shell and say “go for it.” and I don’t even feel bad about it.

To prove that we DO INDEED make good food (usually) with our kids — check out this time-lapse video of us making homemade granola bars together. This was the BEST kid activity ever. Kids get to use their hands to mix peanut butter, maple syrup, egg whites, oats and nuts together WITH.THEIR.HANDS!! And smush it down into pans!! (and adults think — that’s a dream? or a nightmare?!?). Well. It was a dream.