everyday. in motion. winter sunset edition

On a whim, one early evening, we decided to go for a winter walk at the wildlife refuge.

4pm is not the easiest time of day with young kids. But that day, we felt a wee bit empowered and decided to throw routine out the window for a 30 degree walk together.

It was really really lovely. And for the first time EVER, I asked Ethan and Evy for a photo and they said cheeze and smiled, voluntarily hugging each other side by side. #dreamcometrue

I’m not sure what it was, but they came up with a game — chasing after each other, tackling each other (er, pushing and or falling over? for fun?) and they just repeated it over and over and over. And it’s hilarious that when they run and laugh, both of them stick out their tongues. I don’t know if I’ve really noticed how distinct that is until I looked at these photos!!

Oh. And Matt brought his quad-copter along. Just in case the views were perfection. And they were. The birds-eye view was incredible!



We did continue our walk over towards the Old Cedar Bridge and it was getting cooler by this time…the sunset was getting lower and we didn’t have the sun. But we had a wide open bridge all to ourself. And the kid’s continued their tackle game. And it was lovely.